This is a tiny excerpt from the Fact-Sheet that you'll get with the System.

The Fact-Sheet is 11 pages, and is easy to edit in Word.

Modern Restroom Inspection - UV Flashlights

Sight and smell aren't enough when it comes to cleaning
and inspecting restrooms, so we use ultra-violet UV flashlights. The “black light” brightly shows signs of bodily waste such as urine and feces, mold, signs of pests, and more. It's by far the best way to find out where odors are coming from, and to identify the otherwise hard-to-detect areas where contaminants are hiding.
Everyone in our company carries a UV light, and it's yet another reason why our restrooms are truly clean, safe to use, and absolutely odor-free, without the use of artificial air fresheners.


Total Dust Removal - Not Dust Relocation

Feather dusters have been moving dust from one spot to another for at least a couple of thousand years, and that's not true cleaning. Our Hygen Micro-Fiber dusting mitts trap dust for good, and can simply be rinsed out in the sink. And with over 2000 fibers per square inch, they also do a superior job over cloths, with only 200 fibers per square inch.


Tired Of Leaves and Needles Getting All Over Your Building?

Often all it takes is for your people to walk in first thing in the morning and by 9am you can have leaves and hundreds of tree needles all over your lobby, your stairs, and tracked into the furthest corners of your building. Not only is it unsightly, the sap from leaves and needles also gets ground into your carpets, you have dirty tracks that need to be cleaned more often than other areas, and that reduces the life of your carpets, too. If this is happening to you, we can keep Mother Nature out of your building with our Worx® electric leaf blowers, blasting the junk off of your sidewalks and exterior entry areas. It takes us just a few minutes a night, your carpets will be much cleaner and will last longer, and since it's electric, not gas-powered, this blower can safely be stored in your janitor closet.


See how everything you do can be a sales tool? And how easily the things that I do in my business can also be what you do in your business?

It's these types of detailed facts that will set your business apart from your competition, and can make your business look (and be) professional from the very beginning.

The Fact-Sheet will make a huge difference in how quickly you'll sign up new customers.

The UV flashlights and the dusting mitts are about $15 on Amazon, and the WORX WG517 blower is only $49! (not only is it a great sales tool, it'll also save you tons of time on vacuuming!) It's inexpensive, smart equipment like this that not only gets you business, it also pays for itself over and over, with every check you get.


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