How to Start and Build Your Own Janitorial Office Cleaning Business the Right Way!

"Mr. Shulte, I can't tell you how satisfied we are with Janquest. There are hundreds of things here that we never would have thought of ourselves. Starting our business was very easy, our advertising is working great, and we got our first account only 3 weeks after getting our business license. We are
now into our 6th month, our accounts are a total of $2730, and we have just given two more bids for another $1100. If we get those, our monthly billing will be $3830 per month, or $45,960 per year. You asked what the future looks like, and as far as we are concerned, the sky's the limit!" Patricia Y.,
Edmond, OK* 
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What You Get

There are so many subjects in the System that I haven't talked about on the other pages that I decided to devote a full page to list everything you'll get.

When I look at this list, even I'm amazed. When friends look at this list, they just call me "obsessed".

And maybe I am - the fact is that the janitorial business has been a huge part of my life; I'm incredibly grateful for what it has done for me and my family, it's given us a great lifestyle, and I want to be sure that I'm giving people the very best product possible. My work and experience can open the door to a whole new world of possibilities for you, and I'm proud to be able to bring it to you.

Sales and Advertising:

Your pre-built website - 9 pages that say all the right things, on-page forms for building managers to contact you, free resources that build good-will, and easy videos on customizing your website and putting it online - everything you need is either in the system or is free off the web.

We also give you a link to our sample website so you can see what yours will look like before you even start customizing. It's fully functional, and you can try every feature.

The "Sound Familiar" flyer - my most successful sales piece ever - you can have this piece customized and ready to print in 10 minutes.

The "Why Hire My Company" flyer - use it as a flyer, on your website, in your bid packages. Another very successful sales piece you can do in 10 minutes.

Sample sales letters and postcards.

A complete mail-merge system for sales letters, mailing labels and invoices.



What to do when you’re invited to bid on a building:

A complete explanation of the Team Bidding System

Your Bid Package

Bid Specifications

Sample Contracts

Sample Accounts - explained, described, and broken down in every way possible - cents per square foot, how long they take to clean, and more.

Sample Account #1 – 3 Class B Multi-Tenant Buildings - 66,000 square feet

Sample Account #2  - 110,000 sq.ft. Class A Single Tenant Building

Sample Account #3 – Corporate Offices of Local Retail Company

Sample Account #4 - Branch Office, Electronic Equipment Manufacturer

Sample Account #5 - Phone Company Central Office

Sample Account #6 – 3-story, 39,000 sq.ft. Multi-Tenant Class B+ Office Building

Sample account #7 – 18,000 sq.ft. Class B Building

Sample Account #8 – 59,000 sq.ft. Class “B+” Multi-Tenant Building

Sample Account # 9 – 144,000 sq.ft. Class A- Insurance Company

Sample Account #10 – 216,000 sq.ft. Class B Office Building

How to figure out what your competition is charging.

Exactly what to say if a prospect says you weren't the lowest bidder - and still get the contract without lowering your price.

After the Sale Checklist - What to Do When You Get the Contract


Get Our Free Report - "How To Start Your Cleaning Business The Right Way!"

Your contact info is 100% safe - we'll
never share it with anyone, for any reason.

Here's a list of topics in the 156-page JanQuest Book:

Your Home as Your Place of Business

The Legal Setup of Your Business

A Quick Guide for Starting Your New Cleaning Business - follow this guide and you can have the entire framework of your business (including your sales materials that say all the right things) built and ready to go in one weekend.

Sample Business Plan

Get Your Name Out There!

Conveying the Right Image to the Customer

Why Customers Hire and Fire Janitorial Companies

The Importance of New Sales

Goal Setting

Sales Leads

Traditional Advertising

What Do You Say When You’re Just Starting Your Business? Over a dozen examples that give you a great image even if you're brand new.

Make the Size of Your Company a Selling Point

How to save up to 40% on all of your cleaning supplies and equipment

The Importance of Referrals and Relationship-Building

A Tool for Developing Accountability to the Customer - also a Sales Magnet tool

The only way to clean large buildings that require crews - when I started using this system I made an average of 14% more profit on large buildings - and our employees and our customers were happier than ever.


Schedules and work-loading

Proper Equipping of Buildings


Alarm Systems

Work Safety

Hiring Managers

The floor-cleaning machine that eliminates the need for a truck or van and replaces the big, heavy and expensive equipment that everyone wants to sell you. You can transport this machine with even a small car. My company now owns 8 of these machines and they have cut our floor-cleaning costs by 75%. If you come across a building with lots of hard-surface floors, it's no longer a problem to keep them in great shape. You can underbid your competition and still make a ton of money on floor maintenance.

Audit-Proof yourself from the IRS by using this simple record-keeping form.

Free software you'll be using - just click on the links.

5-minute video on how to customize the paperwork and forms.

4 sets of totally customizable letterheads, business cards, and mailing labels.

Free software that allows you to customize your paperwork and fill in online forms super-fast.

Operations documents - Building Inspection Form, Material Safety Data Program, Building Manual, Supervisor's Activity Log.

Bidding paperwork - bidwalk form, questions to ask your prospect when you're on a bidwalk, how to evaluate a bidwalk.

Cleaning specifications, contracts, bid cover-letters.

The Employment Application form - the 3-page application form, background check permission form, sample job description sheet. This application comes as a print version and hosted by JanQuest online.

How to evaluate applications - spot the good people and eliminate the wrong people - the application form is key to this, because it asks all the right questions.

Very inexpensive employee benefits that help to keep good employees long-term.

The 15-page Employee Handbook - Company philosophy, rules and policies, safety training and more.

Employee paperwork - Alarm Systems Confidentiality Agreement, Key Receipt, Employer's and Customer's Right to Privacy Agreement, Hold Faultless Agreement, New Employee Checklist

Employee management forms - Employee Absence Log, Employee Performance Record, Employee Voluntary Resignation Form, everything you need to be legal.

Janitorial-related images and photos - use them anywhere - on flyers, on your website, etc.

Floor maintenance video - 30 minutes - "Beautiful Floors From Start to Finish"

1-hour Employee Training Video - calling in, keys, alarms, building security, all phases of cleaning, what is and isn't acceptable, and more.

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Note: If you live in Western Washington State, or own a janitorial service in Western Washington State, or if you plan to establish a janitorial business in Western Washington State, or if you are a franchisor or franchisee doing business anywhere in North America, or if you operate or plan to operate a business that sells business products or services such as my company does, no matter where that business may be located, I'm sorry, but this package is not available to you. I tell so much about my own cleaning business in this package that I would be creating my own competition if I let you use this information. The purchase agreement spells this out very clearly, and violating that agreement will result in legal actions.

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