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A word about our testimonials - Most of our testimonials are solicited - we send out a questionnaire to people who have bought the System, and we ask them to tell us about their experience.


"Hi Kit, here is my reply to your email. I had bought 3 other books on starting a janitorial business and got almost nothing out of them, but you have delivered every single thing you promised and more. The others just gave advice, but you give real instructions. The others just tell you what you need to do, whereas you have already done so much of it for me. I followed your instructions and it works, and I guess that every once in a while something really does come along that delivers. I've been in business since December of last year, I have 8 solid customers, we are cleaning about 115,000 square feet, and our invoices are about $9100 a month. There is no way I could have done this without your help, and thank you very much."    Jeremy N., Omaha, NE * (note - Jeremy is billing for $109,000 per year)

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"Mr. Shulte, I can't tell you how satisfied we are. There are hundreds of things here that we never would have thought of ourselves. Starting our business was very easy, our advertising is working great, and we got our first account only 3 weeks after getting our business license. We are now into our 6th month, our accounts are a total of $2730, and we have just given two more bids for another $1100. If we get those, our monthly billing will be $3830 per month, or $45,960 per year. You asked what the future looks like, and as far as we are concerned, the sky's the limit!" Patricia Y., Edmond, OK*

"Our experience with this business has been excellent. We were lucky to have been able to get a $700 contract where one of our neighbors works almost immediately after we got our company started. We told them what you recommended, that our company was brand new and we wanted to develop some very happy customers that we will be able to use as references down the road, and they gave us the contract. Neither I or my wife have ever had any experience running a business, but that has not seemed to matter because you have shown us that we just need to be ourselves and do the right thing for people. We started our company in July and now have $2510 a month in business. Thank you so much for putting this together."
Evan R., Michigan*

(Note - Evan and his wife went from zero to $30,120 per year in 4 months ($2510 per month x 12 months = $30,000). See how quickly repeating business adds up?)*

"Kit, let me begin by thanking you. Your system made me feel like I jumped into a Ferrari that cost me almost nothing and all I had to do was hit the gas pedal. Before my cleaning business, I had never owned or managed any kind of business. I got my high school diploma 19 years ago and I've always been an employee, mostly in the aviation industry. All of my bosses and managers have had college degrees and over the years I think I was slowly conditioned into believing that you had to have a degree in order to make a lot of money, but this business has totally changed my thinking about that. It's so simple, my company cleans buildings and they mail me checks, like clockwork. There is no doubt in my mind that at some point I will make more money than most of the bosses I have ever had. All I can say is that I hope people realize that you aren't offering a cleaning business as much as you are offering people a way to control their own future. Thank you again, and may God bless."
Larry S., Wichita, KS*


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"Your materials have worked very well for me. As you know I had a problem with the website, and I appreciated it that you got back to me so quickly and told me how to fix the problem right away, and from there it was easy. I have 3 smaller accounts for $1670 a month and I clean all of them myself right now after work, so it is pure profit. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make more money quickly and with very little investment. This business is helping me build my retirement nest egg. Thanks again."
James A., Passaic, NY*

(Note - $1670 x 12 months = an extra $20,400 per year)*

"We are very happy to give you our comments and permission to put them on your website. My husband had been unemployed for 8 months when we started our business in January and we are now making more money cleaning offices than he made on any job he has ever had. He has stopped looking for a job which he says stands for Just Over Broke! So he is now self employed which was always a dream of his but we never knew how we would do it. We are very excited about the future and we haven't felt like this since we were in our early 20's. It is an amazing feeling and thank you for following up with us to see how we are doing."
Sandy and Robert W., Compton, CA*

"Definitely doing well with the system. I am making about $3000 a month. My business is 5 months old and I have been invited to bid on a building in Dallas in about 2 weeks that looks to be worth about $2000 a month. Before I found you I had spent about $200 for books from other people who said they could show how to start this type of business but they were nothing compared to yours. I had previously bought the book written by the man who said you don't need to bring a vacuum. I laughed at it when I read it and I really laugh at it now. And I can see that just the money I will save on my taxes this year will pay for your program about 3 times over. I believe 100% that this is the best money I have ever spent." 
Paul L., Irving, TX*


"Kit, we are getting excellent results. We have acquired business in 4 main ways; handing out business cards, mailing the fliers, referrals from friends and family, and calls from people who have gone to our website. Right now we clean 7 buildings (5 buildings 5 nights a week and 2 buildings 3 times a week) and we are now invoicing for $5320 per month.

I very much appreciate that the system makes everything so fast. With each new step it feels like I have a complete process that is already put together and ready to go. The advertising system is great in that it just works, all on its own.

We now have 3 excellent employees, and, thanks to your system, finding them was easy. Currently my time commitment to this business is about 15 hours per week; I clean one small building right after my job, and 3 nights per week I spend about an hour a night supervising and inspecting my employees' work. We hired employees almost immediately after we started getting business, and it appears that I will soon be able to give my own nightly cleaning to an employee, and I will do nothing but supervise.

Let me tell you about the present happenings in our family. We have been able to take our two young children, ages 2 and 4, out of daycare, and my wife has been able to go from full-time to 3/4 time at her job; she now works online from home and she also mails out about a dozen of our fliers every day. I really can't describe how it feels to know that our kids are now being raised by their parents and not by strangers. I thank you, my wife thanks you, and while our children are still too young to know why and how it happened, they are very happy to be home with their Mom. And I have a message for those who are looking at this opportunity, and that's go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Anthony A., Newton, MA*

(Note - Anthony's business is billing for $63,840 per year).*

"This is the best thing we've ever done for our financial situation. Startup was very fast, and it paid for itself almost immediately because we were able to get our first customers so quickly. It has completely and totally changed our attitude about our future, and we simply can't thank you enough."  Deven and Alexa Y., Findlay, OH*  

"It is just now beginning to sink in about how this business is changing our lives. We have a daughter with very serious health challenges, and the therapy she needs is expensive. Our insurance won't cover the therapy because they say they consider it to be "experimental", even though it's the only thing that works for her, and we were on the way to bankruptcy. We knew we needed to do something in addition to our jobs, and this business has changed everything for the better. Actually "better" is a very weak word. We would call this business a Godsend. We are now able to afford the therapy and we are also able to pay off past bills. Who ever would have thought that cleaning offices could do this?"  
Christina T., Burlington, NC*


"My wife and I had a cleaning business about 5 years ago, but our advertising was very weak and we weren't able to get people to ask us for bids. We knew the potential of the business, but we just didn't know what to say in our advertising that would really get people to call. Now that we see how your advertising works we know exactly what we were doing wrong, we weren't really telling people about what we do in our business. Now we are getting an average of 2 calls per week from people who want bids, and that is about 1000% more than we got in our old business. Thanks again."
Gordon R., East Point, GA*

"I have a story that is a lot like yours, I did not go to college and I have a job that does not pay enough for me to have a life. I wanted to make an extra $1000 a month to save some money, and your business looked like the best way to go. I am making more money in my part time cleaning business than I am in my full time job, so right now I am making more than double what I was making before I started my business. I am now turning down some places that call me because they are ether too small or they are not the right kinds of buildings that I want to clean. My goal is to be able to quit my job on my birthday in July and go into my janitor business full time because soon my job will just be a waste of my time and holding me back. I am also only 22 like you were when you started your business. People don't care that I am young, all they care about is that I do a great job!" 
D. E., Manassas, VA*

"I am amazed at how your system has worked for me. Just as you say on your website, in 4 days I had my entire business legal, my website done and online, and my advertising ready to mail. In 4 days my brand new company looked more professional than 90% of the other janitor services in my area. My business is 7 months old, I have 9 accounts and 2 employees, and after expenses I am bringing home $2800 a month. I think one thing you should talk about on your website is the huge return on investment of your system. When I look at how little it costs and how much money I am making, I can't even figure how high my return is because your system is a one-time purchase and yet the money I am bringing in happens over and over each month. It is like you are selling money at a huge discount, and in my opinion your system is worth much, much more than what you are charging. Thank you Kit, thank you, thank you."
Desiree J., Downey, CA*

(Note - the underlining in Desiree's message is hers, not ours. Currently she is bringing home about $33,000 per year.)*


"We were just about to buy a franchise from (name deleted) and we feel so lucky that we found your company first. We are bringing home over $5000 a month, and we don't have to share our profits with anyone, ever. Our startup costs were about 5% of what we were going to spend on the franchise. Your program works exactly as advertised."   
Matt and Jennifer L. Boise, ID*



These people are making money, paying off debt, saving money on their taxes, bringing their kids home, solving major life challenges, and more. Some people say money can't buy happiness, but it sure doesn't hurt.

You can do this, too. Just give it a chance to work for you, and remember, if you feel it's not for you, we'll refund every penny.

To your success,



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