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Terms of Purchase and Use

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Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use


Upon purchasing the System, you agree to the following:


  1. For the sake of convenience, the Purchaser is referred to in the masculine, as in “he/him/his”. JanQuest is pleased to report that women do exceedingly well in the maintenance business, and are a huge asset to the industry. In fact, a woman owns the 2nd-largest privately-owned janitorial service in America.

  2. Definitions of terms: The word “JanQuest” indicates the seller, and includes that company’s owners, officers, shareholders, and principal employees. The word “Purchaser” indicates and includes individuals and companies that purchase JanQuest’s products and services, and also indicates and includes any janitorial company that person may establish, as well as that company’s owners, officers, shareholders, and principal employees. The words “product”, "services", "system" and "program" refers to JanQuest’s primary business product, as offered and described in JanQuest’s main sales website and other sales materials. The term “end-user” refers to the Purchaser’s clients, customers, affiliates, and potential business prospects. The term “Western Washington State, USA” refers to any area of Washington State, USA, that is west of the Cascade mountain range.

  3. Since JanQuest’s products and services are meant to assist individuals in the formation of their own janitorial businesses, this agreement will apply to individuals who have or have not yet established their businesses, to the businesses that they may eventually establish, and to the businesses they may already own or be affiliated with.

  4. The Purchaser affirms that he does not reside in Western Washington State, USA; that he will not establish a cleaning business that will operate in Western Washington State; that he is not a franchisor in any type of business; that he will not forward, sell, rent or loan the JanQuest program to anyone; that he will not copy the program for any reason other than for his own personal use; and is not an operator of a business that provides products or services that are similar to those provided by JanQuest. The Purchaser also affirms that he will not use JanQuest’s products and services as a guide or a means by which to establish these types of businesses.

  5. It is agreed that the Purchaser and JanQuest are entirely separate and independent entities, and that the relationship does not in any way constitute a franchise, partnership or joint venture.

  6. JanQuest does not require that the Purchaser adhere to any of its recommendations; rather, JanQuest offers its materials, recommendations and services as a “shopping cart”, where the Purchaser has complete freedom to use what he likes from the program and leave behind the things he does not decide to use. Nothing in JanQuest's products and services are "required use".

  7. The Purchaser agrees that he will not hold JanQuest responsible nor liable for losses, liabilities, damages, debts, injuries, etc, incurred by the Purchaser, his employees or officers, or his end-users as a result of their own or collective actions, or through the use, misuse, misinterpretation, etc, of JanQuest training materials, methods, information, services, recommendations, third-party providers, etc, or as a result of purchasing JanQuest products and services. It is agreed that under no circumstances will JanQuest represent the Purchaser in a court of law.


  8. JanQuest’s products contain sample documents that the Purchaser may decide to modify and customize in order to fit his own business. While JanQuest believes these items and their content to be legal, it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that they meet the Purchaser’s local, state and federal laws, and will not hold JanQuest liable if said items are not legal, whether modified or not.

  9. The Purchaser understands that JanQuest, its officers and employees are not legal, financial, tax, medical, nor business professionals; that all information, advice, products and services are offered to “the best of our knowledge”; and that said information, advice, products and services are not offered as any kind of legal, financial, tax, medical nor business guides.

  10. JanQuest makes reference to third-party providers - an example of a third-party provider is the web-hosting company we recommend. While JanQuest believes these third-party providers to be useful, and their products and services to be trustworthy, JanQuest has no control over the products, services, accuracy, quality, dependability or actions of these providers, and specifically denies responsibility and liability for losses, liabilities, damages, debts, injuries, etc, resulting to the Purchaser, its employees or officers, its end-user customers, or any other affected parties, as a result of the use of products or services provided by third-party providers.

  11. The Purchaser agrees to not sell, give, rent, loan nor transfer any part of the product in any manner or by any method.

  12. JanQuest will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the Purchaser is satisfied with its products and services, and, in the interest of good business practice, would prefer that if the Purchaser is unhappy with the Product, JanQuest be given an opportunity to rectify the situation. However, it is agreed that if the Purchaser so chooses, he may return the Product and ask for a refund within one calendar year after the date of purchase for an immediate refund of the total purchase price.

  13. JanQuest assumes that Purchasers will act in good faith, and also assumes that Purchasers who request a refund will also act in good faith. The Purchaser agrees, upon receiving a refund, that he will not use the Product in any way, and will delete it from his computer. JanQuest checks online occasionally to see if "refunded" Purchasers, are, for instance, using the website and/or verbiage included with the System. Should JanQuest discover such use, the Purchaser understands that legal action will be taken against him. Should the Purchaser decide to use the Product after receiving a refund, he agrees to re-purchase the Product.

  14. It is agreed that the maximum amount of JanQuest’s responsibility in all unsatisfactory situations and returns, financial and otherwise, will be limited to the dollar purchase amount of the Product.

This constitutes the entire agreement between both parties. Both JanQuest and the Purchaser agree to all the above definitions, terms, conditions and stipulations.


End of agreement.



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Note: If you live in Western Washington State, or own a janitorial service in Western Washington State, or if you plan to establish a janitorial business in Western Washington State, or if you are a franchisor or franchisee doing business anywhere in North America, or if you operate or plan to operate a business that sells business products or services such as my company does, no matter where that business may be located, I'm sorry, but this package is not available to you. I tell so much about my own cleaning business in this package that I would be creating my own competition if I let you use this information. The purchase agreement spells this out very clearly, and violating that agreement will result in legal actions.



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