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Janitorial Cleaning Business Franchises vs. JanQuest

"We were just about to buy a franchise from (name deleted) and we feel so lucky that we found your company first. We've been in business for 9 months now. We are bringing home over $5000 a month, and we don't have to share our profits with anyone, ever. Our startup costs were about 5% of what we were going to spend on the franchise. Your program works exactly as advertised." Matt and Jennifer L. Boise, ID*  (JanQuest Note - 9 months in business, over $60,000 a year income)


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Janitor business franchise companies hate this page - because it tells the truth.

Franchisers are very good at making people think that they can be wildly successful. But if you do a little investigating, you'll see that the vast majority of janitorial franchises are either complete scams or are so full of lies, misleading claims, and hundreds of lawsuits that it's hard to understand why they're even legal.

So this page is more for your information than anything else - whether you buy our System or not, we really don't want you to get ripped off by a franchise. There are just too many horror stories of good and ambitious people who have bought cleaning franchises and have found themselves working for less-than-minimum wages and getting trapped in fine-print and hidden fees.

Here are just a few of the problems with cleaning franchises:

  • Many franchisers don't allow you to go out and sign up your own customers. You have to let the franchiser get contracts and then they offer them to you.

  • If you decide not to accept an account, many franchise agreements say that they don't have to offer you other accounts.

  • If you lose an account for any reason (even if it's not your fault), many franchise agreements say they don't have to offer you more accounts.

  • All too often the franchiser's salesperson under-bids and makes too many promises to the customer just to get his commission, and then you're stuck in a "lots-of-work-for-no-profit" situation.

  • One selling point that franchisers stress is name-recognition. But what if a janitorial franchise has a bad reputation in your area? The fact is, building owners don't care about the name of your company - they care about quality service.

  • You usually are required to buy all of your cleaning supplies and tools from the franchisor - and always at inflated prices.

  • Many franchisers do a balancing act with franchisees. On one hand, they support the franchisee just enough so they'll have a leg to stand on if they're taken to court; and on the other hand, if they can make the situation miserable enough over time for the franchisee, he or she will get out of the franchise and then the franchiser can re-sell that franchise to someone new. This is called "flipping".

  • Many franchisors will "shrink" your territory, and sell more franchises to other people in your area. It's as if you buy into an agreement where more and more competition is guaranteed.

  • The fees that franchisors charge are outrageous - with all of their fees, they often end up taking as much as 25% of your profits.

  • Franchisors seem to love to work with people who are newly-immigrated or who don't speak fluent English. My take on this is because these people want to be self-employed - of course they want to be successful - but they either can't or don't read the fine print, and they're too quick to sign on the dotted line.

  • The average length of janitorial franchise ownership is 4.7 years. If cleaning franchises are such a great deal, why isn't the average length of ownership decades - instead of under 5 years?


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These 3 websites were listed by Laura Lorber of the Wall Street Journal as her Top Picks for franchise information; all are non-profit organizations:

http://www.openfran.org/     This site allows you to gather information on hundreds of different franchises. Featuring over 300,000 documents available for download, it includes legal filings and correspondence between regulatory agencies and franchisers.

http://www.bluemaumau.org/     Blue Maumau fish band together to protect themselves against predators, and this site gives franchise-buyers a place to band together as well. This site hosts investigative reports, forums, and franchise industry press releases. Type "janitorial" into the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the site and prepare to be amazed at how bad it can get.

http://www.franchisee.org/     This site is geared to franchise owners and buyers, and features discussions of the most common problems with franchises.

The fact is, you don't need a franchise to be successful, and in our opinion you have a much better chance of success if you don't buy into one. There are thousands of thriving janitorial businesses in the U.S., and the vast majority are not franchises.

So, we encourage you to do your homework and then come back here. Compare us to franchises (and all the other "start a cleaning business" books and offers), and you'll soon see that JanQuest is by far your best choice for success in this great business.

To your success,

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