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"It is just now beginning to sink in about how this business is changing our lives. We have a daughter with serious health challenges, and the therapy she needs is expensive. Our insurance won't cover the therapy because they say they consider it to be "experimental", even though it's the only thing that works for her, and we were on the way to bankruptcy. We knew we needed to do something in addition to our jobs, and this business has changed everything for the better. Actually "better" is a very weak word. We would call this business a Godsend. We are now able to afford the therapy and we are also able to pay off past bills. Who ever would have thought that cleaning offices could do this?"   Christina T., Burlington, NC*  

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Dear Reader,

First of all, I have to compliment you. You looked for this opportunity.

Right now, you're doing what 95% of everyone else in this world is afraid to do. They want to stay "safe", to just stick with what they're doing because "it isn't so bad".

But "staying safe" isn't really safe at all, is it? Doing what everyone else does is downright dangerous.

But you, on the other hand ... you're willing to see what else is out there, to make a better life for yourself. I'm already impressed with you, because you know that if you never look for an answer, you'll never find an answer.

Take a minute and think what you could do if you doubled your income with this business.

You could break out of your job. You could break your spouse out of his or her job. You could take the kids out of daycare. You could pay off all your bills. You could get a new car and stop sinking money into the old one every few months. You could buy a house and get a 15-year mortgage instead of a 30-year. You could invest for your kid's college educations, or help your parents in their retirement. You could do all of these things.

You could build a real, true, dependable future with a business that will always be needed.

So, I have a couple of questions. Are you serious about changing your future? Or are you just "kicking the tires"? Either way, you need to order my package.

If you've checked out the other "start a cleaning business" books and programs, you already know that my package is by far the most complete and comprehensive one out there. Does it cost more? Yes, it does. But for the little bit of extra investment, at least you know that you'll be guided in exactly the right direction from the very beginning, and that so much of your business is already done for you. I've bought about $1000 of other people's books and programs, and there are so many things that they just don't talk about or provide.

One of them takes their little house-cleaning book and they replace the words "house cleaning" with "office cleaning" and they sell it as an office-cleaning package. They give you advice and tips -- but they don't give you anything that's already built.

No toolbox there.

Entrepreneur Magazine takes a very generic book that applies to many different types of business startups and they basically just insert the word "janitorial" into the book -- and if you followed their advice you could end up spending 6 months and thousands of dollars before you ever got your first account. Pretty much a total waste of money, in my opinion.

No toolbox there either.

One man says his "service agreement" is the big secret of his great success -- he makes it sound like all you have to do is wave it in front of an office manager's face and he'll fall into some kind of a trance and sign it -- I've bought his book, too, and there's absolutely nothing special about it. It's just a contract, and it's a bad one at that.

Another man says that for many buildings, you don't even need to bring a vacuum. He says most of your customers will have a vacuum in a closet somewhere that you can borrow. I've often wondered if he's ever even owned a cleaning business.

And another guy says in his advertising that he has a "secret" way to attract business, but in his book all he talks about is handing out business cards. But by the time you're reading his book, he already has your money!

And finally, one man talks on and on about his A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and yet he has no reviews on the BBB site (I'm not sure how he does that). He also has over a dozen active lawsuits against him as of this writing in 2015.

I think many of these people just want to take your $29 or $39 or $49, give you very little information, and rely on the fact that you probably won't take the time and hassle to ask for a refund -- and most of them don't even offer a money-back guarantee.

I, on the other hand, give you a full one-year money-back guarantee.

Get Our Free Series - "How To Start
Your Cleaning Business The Right Way!"

Your contact info is 100% safe - we'll
never share it with anyone, for any reason.

The main thing to remember when you're looking at my System
is that it's truly a system - it's already built for you. You don't have to invent anything.

How much is it worth to you to be able to just jump in and drive? Tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousand of dollars a year, that's what it's worth.

And if you're just kicking the tires, order it and see what you think (the best way to kick tires is to drive the car for a while). With my money-back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

I hope you're excited that you found us -- it's the right opportunity in the right business at the right time. I sincerely hope you decide to order my package and vastly improve your own personal economy and leave the rest of the crowd behind.

Wishing you the best in all that life has to offer,


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Note: If you live in Western Washington State, or own a janitorial service in Western Washington State, or if you plan to establish a janitorial business in Western Washington State, or if you are a franchisor or franchisee doing business anywhere in North America, or if you operate or plan to operate a business that sells business products or services such as my company does, no matter where that business may be located, I'm sorry, but this package is not available to you. I tell so much about my own cleaning business in this package that I would be creating my own competition if I let you use this information. The purchase agreement spells this out very clearly, and violating that agreement will result in legal actions.




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