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"I am amazed at how your system has worked for me. Just as you say on your website, in 4 days I had my entire business legal, my website done and online, and my advertising ready to mail. My business is 7 months old, I have 9 accounts and 2 employees, and after expenses I am bringing home $2800 a month. I think one thing you should talk about on your website is the huge return on investment of your system. When I look at how little it costs and how much money I am making, I can't even figure how high my return is because your system is a one-time purchase and yet the money I am bringing in happens over and over each month. It is like you are selling money at a huge discount, and in my opinion your system is worth much, much more than what you are charging. Thank you Kit, thank you, thank you." Desiree J., Downey, CA* (p.s. -- the underlining in Desiree's message is hers, not ours.)

"Selling With Facts"

The #1 Truth In Advertising >> By far, the most important things in advertising are your words. Most people think advertising is just getting your name out there, but it's not enough -- you have to build in smart marketing, too -- you have to stand out as being different.

For the first few years of my business I always felt that I was spending 'way too much time on advertising for the results I was getting -- I wasn't an advertising professional -- and I thought about it constantly. Yes, my business grew, but not with the speed I wanted.

I kept trying to come up with new magical words and catchy phrases that would get people to call me, and I kept crumpling up paper and starting over with a clean sheet.

And then one day it hit me -- I was using the same words as my competition -- we all sounded alike -- lots of sales-hype, lots of "Were the best!" and "Call today!" but I wasn't giving any real reasons why a building manager should call me -- why we were better, why we could do a great job for them.

So I made a list of all of the facts that building managers really want to know when they're looking for a cleaning service -- how we cleaned buildings, the equipment and supplies and methods we used, how we trained and supervised our people, how we kept the quality high, and more -- and I built new advertising from the ground up with real details about how we operated.

And it worked -- my incoming calls for bids almost tripled because I was answering people's questions up-front  -- and suddenly I was spending far less time and money on advertising, and far more time signing up new customers.

I came to call this "Facts-Based Marketing" -- it's selling without selling.

Now you're probably saying to yourself that you don't have any facts -- but remember that the System is a toolbox -- so my tools, my facts that I use in my business will be your tools and facts for your business.

And it's so easy, because the toolbox, the tools, and those all-important words are already built for you -- all of the advertising materials, the flyers, the sales letters, the postcards, the website, everything -- use Facts-Based Marketing.

Want to see how something as simple as a flashlight and a cleaning mitt and a leaf blower can be great facts-based sales tools? Click HERE

Here's What You Get In The Cleaning Business Advertising Toolbox:

Your pre-built website -- 10 pages that say all the right things, forms for building managers to contact you, free resources that build confidence and trust, and easy videos on customizing your website and putting it online - everything you need to have a professional website up and running in just a few hours is in the System.

We also give you a link to our sample website so you can see what yours will look like before you even start customizing. It's fully functional, and you can try every feature. See The Home Page HERE

The "Sound Familiar" flyer -- my most successful sales piece ever -- you can easily customize this to your business and have it ready to print in 10 minutes. See The Sound Familiar Flyer HERE

The "Why Hire My Company" flyer -- use it as a flyer, on your website, in your bid packages. Another very successful sales piece you can do in 10 minutes. See The Why Hire My Company Flyer HERE

The 11-page Fact-Sheet that tells your prospects how you're different from other contractors. How you put together better bids, how you find the best employees, building-friendly and people-friendly cleaning, non-destructive cleaning, and more. This Fact Sheet is taken directly from my own business, it sets you completely apart from your competition, and it makes you look like the obvious choice. Whenever I get a new account I always ask why I got it, and at least 50% of the time my customer says it's because I gave so much real information.

Pre-built sales letters and postcards that say all the right things -- just take out the sample contact information, type yours in, hit Save, and within minutes you have proven advertising materials. See A Sample Postcard HERE

Facts-Based Advertising works, and you can start using it today.


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Note: If you live in Western Washington State, or own a janitorial service in Western Washington State, or if you plan to establish a janitorial business in Western Washington State, or if you are a franchisor or franchisee doing business anywhere in North America, or if you operate or plan to operate a business that sells business products or services such as my company does, no matter where that business may be located, I'm sorry, but this package is not available to you. I tell so much about my own cleaning business in this package that I would be creating my own competition if I let you use this information. The purchase agreement spells this out very clearly, and violating that agreement will result in legal actions.

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