How To Start A Janitorial Office Cleaning Business - The Right Way!

Finally -- Direct Your Own Life And Create
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It really is true ...

You can be making an extra $6,000 a year -- just 2 months from today.

And you can be making an extra $66,000 a year (or more) -- just 1 year from today.

Profits in office-cleaning add up fast because your customers pay you over and over, every month. Here's a table that shows how quickly your income can grow with the JanQuest System - let's say you get one small, easy $500-per-month customer each month - beginning in your 2nd month of business:

Money like this could permanently fix a lot of challenges -- worried about your job or your retirement? Want to get out of debt forever? Thinking about changing careers completely? Maybe you'd like to buy a house or a new dependable car, or invest for the future. Whatever your wish might be -- the office-cleaning business can do it for you.

The solution to the money puzzle is to earn your way past the rising costs of living -- to make enough money that the rent or mortgage payment no longer hurts; to make enough money that you no longer need credit cards or loans; to make enough money that money is no longer a problem.

Dear Reader,

In 2012, when my friend said that I should write a book on how to build a janitorial business. I made a list of the things people would need -- advertising, bidding, how to find good employees, and most of all, my list included ....

My original 2012 list was 1 page -- and it eventually grew to 6 pages -- and today it's a "business in a box" with pre-built advertising, a pre-built website, a huge section on how to bid on cleaning contracts, a 156-page book, over 150 files and documents, training videos on how to clean buildings, how to find the best employees, and more.

And it's much more than just a download of files -- it's also instant knowledge and instant experience from someone who's lived and breathed this business for nearly 40 years.

Read the book, study the materials, watch the training videos, and in just a few short days you'll have my knowledge and experience, and you'll have exactly the same things that I use today that you can use to build your own profitable office-cleaning business.

You can think of it as a
toolbox with everything you need. If I could do it knowing nothing about how to build a business when I started, think about the huge advantage you'll have when you get the Toolbox that has nearly 40 years of experience inside.


So, check out the rest of this website -- because you've just found the best way to be truly successful in what I feel is the best business in existence.

To your total success,



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Important Note: If you live in Western Washington State, or own a janitorial service in Western Washington State, or if you plan to establish a janitorial business in Western Washington State, or if you are a franchisor or franchisee doing business anywhere in North America, or if you operate or plan to operate a business that sells business products or services such as my company does, no matter where you or that business may be located, I'm sorry, but this package is not available to you. I tell so much about my own cleaning business in this package that I would be creating my own competition if I let you use this information. The purchase agreement spells this out very clearly, and violating that agreement will result in legal actions.


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